Tete De Moine AOC

July 27, 2010

This beats cuckoo clocks and pen knives as Switzerland’s greatest export. Tete de Moine has a gorgeous alpine milky taste similar to Gruyere. Tete de Moine should be placed on a Girolle cutter for best results. These will be available from Pong soon but in the mean time we advise using a vegetable pealer to shave the cheese to release the aroma and flavours. What’s it taste like? ‘Tete de Moine’ means Monk’s Head which gives a clue to its religious roots. It was invented by Monks in the Jura and is now made exclusively by a small selection of dairies. Where’s it from? Made throughout the area of the Bernese Jura under strict AOC guidelines. Tete de Moine comes as a 700g whole cheese in a truckle.

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