Farleigh Wallop

July 27, 2010

Farleigh Wallop is another masterpiece from the Evenlode Parnetship of the virtual cheese royal family:┬ácheese guru Juliet Harbutt and Alex James of bass-playing Blur fame. What’s it taste like? Farleigh Wallop is more subtle than its washed cousin, Little Wallop, with a gentler aroma. A sprig of Thyme rounds off its refined rustique look. No wonder it was voted Best Goat Cheese at 2008 British Cheese Awards. Where’s it from? It is produced by the masters at White Lake Cheeses in Bagborough, Somerset, a stones throw from the Glastonbury festival site. Farleigh Wallop is wrapped as a whole 115g cheese. Also why not read our feature on our trip to White Lake here.

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