Chocolate Making WorkshopUPDATED

July 30, 2010

Learn the art of the chocolatier and create your own delicacies on this great course held in either Manchester or London. The course offers superb training and a fascinating insight into the world of chocolate. You will have the opportunity to gain hands on experience in making exquisite chocolates (which you can take away with you at the end of your experience). Then, all you have to do is wow your friends with your new found skills!\n\nItinerary:\n\nOn arrival you will be met by your Chocolatier who will introduce your workshop with a brief insight to the history of chocolate. Then there will be an opportunity to sample the home creations of the Chocolatier before you indulge your creative side and create your master pieces out of the finest Belgian chocolate. You will also learn how to dip and decorate your delicious masterpieces before taking them away with you in a beautiful ribbon tied box.\n\nLocation:\n\nLondon (South East) or Manchester (North).\n\nKey information:\n\nOn purchasing this experience you will be issued with a voucher valid for 10 months. \nThere will be a minimum of 14 and a maximum of 40 participants on your course. \nPlease note that the minimum age for this experience is 14 years old. \nYour experience will last between two and a half to three hours in total.

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